Podcast Bonus: The Ways of the Wild

For our third installment of our Fandom Series, I had the pleasure of talking with our youngest fan yet. Time is funny. I remember being excited about a new expansion team coming to Minnesota when I was a kid. I thought their logo was pretty cool. I’m now interviewing someone who is younger than that expansion team. Zeke Boyat seems like your typical high school junior… who also happens to already be a published sports writer. Being from Minnesota, Zeke’s grown up with hockey all around him, which seems to me like living in a frozen Disneyland. Well, not "Frozen, Disneyland— never mind you get what I’m saying.

In the conversation above, we talk about what it’s like growing up in the State of Hockey, the incredible event that is the State Championships and what it feels like growing up with an expansion team in such a traditional hockey environment. We have some pictures below of Zeke living his best life in the hockey heaven that is Minnesota.

Be sure to listen to our interview on SoundCloud iTunes or Google Play. Then give Zeke a follow on twitter (and us too if you aren’t already!) because he’s a hockey savant.