Ep 43: Pack It In, Boys. Season's Over. (Full Podcast)

Each team in the Central has only played a handful of games, but trends are already appearing. For some teams those trends are a pleasant surprise. For others COUGHTheBluesCOUGH uh… not so much. Here’s a little dose of what we’re serving up this week:

Cam Ward drama? We’ve got it! MacKinnon showstoppers? We’ve got it! Juicy Preds - Jets shenanigans? Oh you know we’ve got that! Plus, Mason just won’t let the banner thing die!!

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Stupid Banners: A History

Aside from the awe-inspiring ascension of Gritty, God among mortals, the biggest story of the young NHL season has come at the Nashville Predators expense. Yes, I’m talking about the “Western Conference Regular Season Champion” Banners. No, not enough time has passed for you Music City Maniacs to avoid a few more chirps. It is the latest stupid thing in a long line of stupid things hung above hockey heads. So in the spirit of not letting things die, let’s take a walk down memory lane while gazing above at some wonderfully dumb memories.

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