You know how it goes. You're sitting at a bar with your buddies and after a particularly inspired piece of conversation someone flippantly throws out, "Hey, we should start a podcast!" 


Then you all go home, start the next morning and move on with your lives. Except we didn't. "We should start a podcast." was the text that Zack McCann woke up to the next morning, nursing a hangover from the night before. "Yeah," Zack responded, "But what should we name it?" 

Central Divided is a hockey podcast dedicated to the fans who love their teams just a little too much. With equal parts heart, humor, and high hockey IQ, Central Divided covers the NHL and its premier showcase, the Central Division. Whether you're a die-hard fan or new to the game, you'll be laughing and yelling at us in minutes.

We're Zack McCann & Mason Masters. Pull up a seat. Welcome to the party.